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Teaching you Yoga with Meditation, to help you neutralise emotions and leaving you to feel more balanced and at peace.

Gong Bath

December 2023

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  • Raising self-awareness 

  • Grounding and centering your energy.

  • Increasing personal power and energy.

  • Refining overall mind/body awareness.


  • Developing your intuition.
  • Raising self-awareness by tying breath to movement.
  • Grounding and centring your energy.
  • Increasing personal power and energy.
  • Helping create new neural pathways to mental and emotional well-being.
  • Promoting stillness of mind.
  • Refining overall mind/body awareness.

NEW Live Yoga Classes In Feltham

My aim with classes is to help people neutralize the modern day’s hectic lifestyles. Here’s where you’ll improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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I believe maintaining neutrality in every moment, encourages more mindfulness, which then helps us handle life’s challenges a lot more pragmatically. I encourage that you observe and connect with the sensations in your body and listening to your body. This way you turn inwards and are more mindful about the way you react outwards.


I believe our breath is the only key tool that allows you to be in a state of neutrality. Our breath is connected to the universal source/universal energy/divine source. No matter what walk of life or faith you come from, we all breath and are connected to a greater source. Breath taps into all our layers. Annamaya (Physical Body), Pranamaya (Energetic Body), Manomaya (Mind & Emotions Body), Vijnanamaya (Wisdom Body) and Anandamaya (Bliss Body.) The more we tap in to our layers, the more connected we feel to our soul and the divine source.


Meditation is where you can sit with your thoughts, emotions and sensations. Meditation allows one to quiet the mind, understand the sensations in the body helping to neutralise emotions to leave you feeling more balanced, at peace and in tuned with your breath.


Yoga is combining asana (poses), with meditation and breathwork to create neutrality.

Deepa Sapra

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Deepa has been a blessing, and essential for my overall mental well-being and self care I really disliked yoga. I might as well start with the truth because Deepa is one of my close girls. I know she lived and breathed yoga, but I was very cynical about how it could all benefit me, even though I had enjoyed fitness/gym for numerous years. However, having lower back issues, and facing the daily realities life throws at each of us, made me say to Deepa, ‘I think I should give one of your classes a go.’

Being on the yoga mat made me feel challenged and hopeful. Deepa as a yoga therapist brings the sense of empathy, comfortability and calmness you need. Given the current stresses we are all facing, zoom yoga sessions with Deepa has been a blessing, and essential for my overall mental well-being and self care. She concisely guides you through the poses and explains what benefits they will have for your body/mind. I personally know the level of attention and care she gives to each class she provides.

What you start to learn on the yoga mat, through breath work and also her meditations, can be applied off the mat to your personal/professional life too.

Zoom yoga with Deepa impacts you on several levels. As a pragmatic non-believer, that has been such an incredible thing to experience, for my mind and body. It is worth invest that time for yourself and Deepa is the ideal teacher during that journey.
She patiently directs my awareness

In this fast pace and sometimes unsettling world we live in; practicing yoga with the talented Deepa has allowed me to bring my mind, body and soul back into balance. I have known Deepa for almost 2 years now and honestly her teaching is impeccable and has completely transformed my yoga practice for the better. Her love for yoga is definable through her teachings as she is very passionate and enthusiastic. I have attended many yoga classes in the past but nothing can be compared to Deepa’s classes. Deepa is very calm, resilient and a knowledgeable individual. I love her positive energy and kindness that she brings to her classes. She patiently directs my awareness so that I appreciate the purpose of each asana (yoga posture) in order to have a better, stronger connection with my mind, body and soul. Her explanations are so clear and simple to follow when doing the asanas. After my classes I feel calm, nourished, energised, I sleep better and have also regained my flexibility. Deepa’s classes keep me coming back for more and it is safe to say that my love for yoga has immensely grown. I am looking forward to attending many more classes with you as I continue to progress my yoga journey.


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